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COST ES0803 Home page

Space Weather originates mainly in solar activity and affects the interplanetary space and planetary magnetospheres, ionospheres and atmospheres. It can affect ground and space technological systems as well as humans in space. Extreme space weather conditions have economical consequences and may threaten safety and security of the technological infrastructures. In the US, important progress in modeling and predicting Space Weather effects has been made through the launch of large-scale research projects and the implementation of national prediction systems.

Although Europe has much scientific expertise on the physics and effects of Space Weather, its optimal use suffers from a lack of coordination between the national research programmes. This COST Action has the primary goal to form an interdisciplinary network between European scientists dealing with different issues of Geospace, as well as warning system developers and operators, to:

  • Foster the ties between European Geospace research and space technology establishments,
  • Assess the European potential in advanced Space Weather observational and modeling techniques and in reliable products and services
  • Define the needs of a broad range of users and
  • Determine and recommend the specifications for new products and services that best meet the user's requirements.
MoU : 229/08
CSO Approval date : 18/06/2008
Entry into force : 07/08/2008
End of Action : 15/11/2012


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